I’am not a Blogger

I always used to think that what actually “blogging” is and believe you me, i still don’t really know it. The thing i had been doing as a profession with all of my passion from previous couple of years was so much engaged with this thing, in fact blogging is considered as a component of my area of working i.e “Internet Marketing”. But when i made a little research, i observed that instead of being a part of my work, blogging itself is a very vast area of working, A source of entertainment and somehow a source of earning too but only for those who really take it in that way. It keeps you updated, enhance your knowledge and put your boredom off.


Well after knowing these general things my interest in blogging got higher as it has smoked weed LOL. Unlike most of the people when i get curious about something, i instead of asking from person to person and collecting their different opinions i prefer to make personal research and analysis of it and i found Google as the best companion to get rid off all the complications. Well surfing on it i got to know that WordPress is the best platform and leaving further research pending i signed up and created my very first blog, the one you are reading.

So people who read this, i hope some people definitely will. please share your reviews and suggestions with me about writing and blogging

Thank you.